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„Mapping and Geodata Licensing (MGDL) Project“ for Government of Sharjah, Centre for Geospatial Information, Sharjah, U.A.E.

Contractor: ILV Fernerkundung GmbH, Germany

Short description

The client requested a web-based solution in order to provide authorities, business structures and private users with up-to-date geodata of Sharjah. Therefore a new base GIS of the Emirate of Sharjah had to be created with accuracies of 25 cm (urban areas) and 40 cm (desert areas). More than 170 different feature classes were required. The main topographic data were acquired during 2 digital photoflight campaigns. These data where processed and then completed by a comprehensive field survey for attribute data collection.
The web-based data licensing application was developed by the project partner INTERGRAPH Middle East.

Personal contribution

  • preparation of bid documents
  • project management, including:
    • aerial survey planning,
    • acquisition of flight permissions
    • preparation of technological descriptions for every project task
    • subcontractor relations,
    • permanent client contacts,
    • training and supervision of field teams (local subcontractor)
    • data QC
    • project presentations
  • practical project implementation, including:
    • development of project technology
    • GIS data implementation
    • GPS based ground control point survey
    • Client staff training
  • Equipment used
  • Aerial survey equipment Digital Mapping Camera DMC (Z/I Imaging), AEROCONTROL (IGI GmbH)
    Ground survey equipment TRIMBLE 4000, TRIMBLE 4700
    Aerotriangulation software MATCH AT, BINGO
    Stereophotogrammetric workstations IMAGE Station (Z/I), SUMMIT (DAT/EM)
    CAD software MicroStation, AutoCad, DTM software MATCH T,
    Orthophoto processing software ORTHOVISTA
    GIS software ArcVIEW, ArcPAD, ArcGIS, Geomedia, ERDAS Imagine
    MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, MS PowerPoint


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